Fashion Trends at Lakme Fashion Week 2022

If there’s one thing that sets the tone for an ardent form of self-expression it has to be fashion. It’s also the aspect that defines autonomy at a particular period and place, triggered by a specific context in clothing & accessories, makeup & hairstyle, including a specific type of lifestyle. Fashion is all about defining […]

Trend Alert: Repeating Outfits

The recent pandemic has influenced drastic changes or even transformations in different walks of life. While the devastating effect is witnessed by the job landscape and the business world, the fashion world is experiencing a renovation phase. The COIVD-19 pandemic, along with sustainability and environmental concerns, has triggered significant changes in the fashion domain. While […]


Being sustainable is a big deal these days and shows the design sensibilities of designers, models, and fashion lovers. While usually connected to the charity and underprivileged children, it has now become a buzzword for fashion shows and such. Sustainability is the idea that we can make everything we do safe for our planet and [...]