Fashion Trends at Lakme Fashion Week 2022

If there’s one thing that sets the tone for an ardent form of self-expression it has to be fashion. It’s also the aspect that defines autonomy at a particular period and place, triggered by a specific context in clothing & accessories, makeup & hairstyle, including a specific type of lifestyle. Fashion is all about defining a look driven by the trending features in the industry, leading the way to create a series of style combinations influenced by a specific theme.

The Concept of Fashion Trends
Clothing is a dynamic aspect of human existence, and fashion trends are ever-changing. While the season influences what we wear, it’s what celebrities wear that inspires us to adopt a specific trend. And, what better than magnanimous trendsetting fashion shows that set the fashion world on fire.
While it’s not always affordable to buy famous designer outfits, these grandeur events give alternate options to recreate expensive outfits and match them with the right accessories.
One such show that transforms fashion trends and sets a redefining tone with every event is the Lakme Fashion Week.

Lakme Fashion Week 2022 – An Overview
Arguably the flagship name in the nation’s fashion and beauty domain, Lakme, in association with the Fashion Design Council of India, combines the two lifestyle aspects to host the event that celebrates fashion at its best.

The leading cosmetics & premium skincare brand in India hosts the Lakme Fashion Week 2022 with an exclusive focus to bring season-fluid collections that tend to have a longer shelf life. The trend aims to serve vital purposes like reducing clothing waste, simplifying sourcing needs, and recreating fashion via the mix and match approach.
Trends Taking the Fashion World to New Heights
The Lakme Fashion Week 2022 hosted in New Delhi from 23rd March to 27th March showcases fashion combined with innovation and sustainability.

Daring Body Suits
While the global runway is home to bodysuits, they’re something new in India. This season welcomes the deconstructed and versatile bodysuit that is flexible for a series of occasions. The intricate designs and topnotch finishes make for a perfect combination of casual and glamour wear.

Itsy Bitty Tops
The latest temptation from designer Varun Bahl takes summer fashion a notch higher and more innovative with cropped tops making way for a multitude of tiny crochets and bikini tops, making for a terrific piece of attire to beat the heat in style. Enjoy the season with a carefree ensemble that powers your body language to greater heights.

Cropped Tops for Men
If there’s a standout fashion attire that leads the way, it has to be the inspiration behind designers Shivan and Narresh. Men in cropped tops are redefining the entire gamut of fashion, and the label Huemn is teaming with this revolutionary change to set the runway followed by curious eyes. Quirky, yet stylish cropped tops paired with a pair of relaxed denim and slim-fit cargo-style pants bring a lasting transformation in fashion for men.

Chaotic Prints
Trust designers Rajdeep Ranawat and Sonal Verma to bring mismatched prints and print-on-prints to the forefront with a multi-hue of chaotic prints. The designs that are not symmetric or coordinated are harmonizing the fashion trend with the dynamic times, making them seamlessly match with the rest of the outfit.

Fringe-Leather Lehengas
If fashion is about living on the fringes and making an impact, it’s the creative creation of Shantanu and Nikhil’s latest collection. The intricate finishes and the overall silhouette leave an impact that sets the tone for adventure and imagination on and off the walkway.

Monochromatic Look
This ensemble always makes for a classic collection, making lively fashion a more dynamic lifestyle aspect. JJ Valaya combines animal print with harem pants in a carefree combination to add life and expand the fashion domain beyond anything ordinary.

Local Handlooms
Giving an indigenous outlook to local handlooms is the inspiration behind the designs Vaishali S creates with passion. She takes textile designing to greater heights and uses her signature style with modern style demands to create a completely unique silhouette.

3D Embroideries and Silhouettes
A trend that is always gaining increased traction is 3D Embroideries and Silhouettes. Pankaj and Nidhi give this enchanting design a terrific spin with every floral and abstract design in 3D. The end result is a treat for the eyes and a significant rise in the body language to carry off 3D designs with aplomb, yet relaxed demeanour.

Diffuse Designs
A Lakme Fashion Week isn’t complete with the imaginative inputs of elite designer Manish Malhotra, and a diffuse line is a trending fashion concept that transports the viewer to the dance floor. Jewelled tones, sequin jackets, and glittering embellishments set the mood for decadent and disco.

Daring Denim
Denim on acid is the vibe and the latest addition to fashion concept this season. Whether it’s barely-there or completely tethered style, the time-tested denim receives a bold treatment on the runway. Pair them with tops, barely-there cropped tops, and even a string bikini to complete a fashion that makes a bold statement without much effort.

A Fashionable Comeback
The Coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a standstill, and the fashion domain was significantly hit. However, Lakme Fashion Week is renowned for its dynamic representation of fashion and lifestyle and came back roaring after a 2-year hiatus.
The comeback has indeed been a celebration of sorts for the fashion event that promises oodles of style and revolution with each piece and every model. FDCI and Lakme Fashion Week have joined hands to showcase fashion in a brand-new light and take the Indian fashion industry to a level that dictates fashion with a rich cultural infusion.
The 6-day extravagant event in the capital of the nation brings all the glory fashion and style has to offer. The big-wigs of the industry and emerging names create a delightful combination of designs, all triggered by imaginative concepts of future-trending fashion world.
It’s the perfect platform for seasoned editors, models, influencers, and passionate content creators to come together and play fashion with their dreams and desires fueled by creative and practical aspects of fashion and lifestyle.
The event was indeed a homecoming for the Indian fashion industry, and there was no blanket theme or a specific season followed. It was a combination of styles and designs highlighting the underlying mood of fashion trends spotted and approved by the biggest publications in fashion.

Sustainability – The New Fashion Mantra
While introducing the latest trends is important for fashion evolution, it makes sense to be mindful of consumption and sustainable practices. Trends are worth repeating, and if done smartly by mixing and matching, can give a whole new outlook without much effort. Preloved fashion is the ideal way to bring life and purpose to the fashion industry that continues to captivate the masses.

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