Fashion is a symbol of freedom and expression. Women are credited for shaping the way fashion is viewed and accepted for centuries. Women of today express boldly what once seemed impossible. 

Fashion trends are constantly changing and evolving. Society expects the women of today to keep up with the trends and look fashionable. Fashion empowers women to make their choices and they possess an invincible obsession with clothes and attires. The clothing brands too amaze women and continue to bring style every season. The Asian outfits and fashion trends, especially from India and Pakistan are appreciated in all parts of the world.

Current Fashion Trends

Every new fashion trends give women an adrenalin rush. The women of today are always on the lookout for what’s trending. 

As the trends are evolving so are the marketing trends. People are coming out with innovative ideas to meet the demands of every individual without burdening their pockets. Digital marketing has considerably impacted the buying behavior of the customer. The enthusiastic entrepreneurs are coordinating with sellers who have trending styles lying unused and fulfilling the demands of those buyers who do not want to go out of their budgets and still follow the current styles. Re-NYA is such a new revolutionary step in this direction.

Let’s witness together, what are the latest fashion trends from the subcontinent:

1. Floral Prints


There is no season when floral isn’t in fashion. Tiny or big, the bold and busy florals always make their appearance on the fashion charts. The large scattered bouquets, bold blooms, and dense buds all look attractive and are high on demand. Florals pair up literally with anything and still look gorgeous. Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee loved to play with floral prints.

2. Puff Sleeves

Geisha Designs

Many fashion trends come and fade away. However, some trends stay for a long time and get better with time. The trend has been reimagined that makes it more than just a seasonal trend. The puffy sleeves trend has stayed for centuries and has always been a favorite with fashion enthusiasts. People love this comfortable and stylish trend.

Puff sleeves are always associated with western silhouettes that add to the beauty of tops, dresses, trench coats, etc. The bold and delicate puff-sleeves take even the basic white top-blue jeans outfit to the next level. The trend suits for work or dinner date and the trend is going to stay for a long time and rule the trending chart.

The sexy and elegant trend with an off-shoulder – puff-sleeve is hard to miss. The trend is here to stay. Designer Reshma Kunhi who is popularizing the trend believes that this trend gives out a very vintage vibe. The trend is perfect for those who are interested in classics.

3. Shararas and Ghararas: 

Gopi Vaid

The old and famous attire, the Shararas and Ghararas are the present glamorous ethnic wear. Set with the embroidered kurtas, printed dupattas and shararas give the wearer an angelic look. These can be paired with heavy jewelry and a Potli bag that will touch on royalty-the true feminine outlook.

The combination of centuries-old ethnic styles- the shararas and ghararas are back in vogue. Whether it is a normal day at work or any celebration, the styles are making a special attraction.

Shararas and Ghararas have been a preferred trend in Hindi movies since the early 1960s. Shararas are on-trend that make a perfect outfit for any occasion. They never go wrong with any accessories. Ghararas and Shararas are your styles of designer for any occasion.

4. Salwar Suits

Zara Shahjahan

Salwar suits are evergreen perfect traditional wear that adorns the traditional woman on special occasions and parties. The age-old recognized ethnic wear is gaining increasing popularity in the fashion industry, especially during the festive season. The most popular ethnic attire has undergone a lot of elegant changes and designers have successfully blended the traditional outfit with a western touch. 

Salwar kameez is a popular ethnic choice among young girls. It is comfortable and classy that brings out the charm and grace of a woman. Traditional salwar kameez are vibrant in colors that we can find in every woman’s wardrobe. This unique combination comes in different designs that enhance the simplicity and make the woman elegant. 

5. Traditional Printed Dupatta with the Plain Outfit

Palak & Mehak

Fashion is the reality of everyday life. For some, it is the armor to survive. Being traditional is the ultimate way to show the culture of any region or country. A plain color outfit of salwar kameez with traditional embroidered or Jaipuri printed dupatta is an excellent way to express your style. Artificial jewelry and comfy flats are a perfect match for this outfit. Plain outfits and printed dupatta make a glamorous combination that can beat any outfit. 

6. Ethnic crop-tops

Arpita Mehta

 Versatile ethnic crop tops designed in rich fabrics, velvets, and silks can be used with several bottoms. Ethnic crop- tops can also be paired with a saree to create a gorgeous look. Pairing crop tops with ethnic maxi skirts or trousers make the outfit super hot.

The traditional crop top and skirt, known as the lehenga-choli is a colorful and vibrant ensemble. It is the outfit of choice at home festivities that will make you feel right at home. The embroidered choli or the crop top with colorful lehenga pairs up beautifully with elongated side dupatta that can be draped in different ways. 

7. Flowing gowns and dresses

Gaurav Gupta

The pair of flowing gowns and frock styles were commonly worn for parities and celebrations earlier. However, the current fashion trend has added the all-time favorite long, loose frocks to casual wear. It is time to grab styled frocks and maxis and flaunt the baggy outfit by choosing attractive color combinations. 

8. Tie and Dye Outfits

The Pot Plant

The tie and dye rage of the 90s is back with a bang after they went completely out of fashion. The latest collection has different bold tie and dye prints. Many Pakistani celebrities love to adorn ties and dye outfits. Maya Ali and Maria B are two big names who have popularized this tie and dye trend. Young Pakistani girls look for the perfect tie and dye outfit. Men also have a lot of options to pick from a wide range of tie and dye outfits.

9. Prints Are Back

Pankaj & Nidhi

Fully printed shalwar kameez was in fashion in the 90s that gradually that fashion dyed down. Shalwars were preferred by those who determined the trends. Printed shalwars have recently made a comeback. Leading designers like Zara Shahjahan and Generation promote printed shalwar kameez through their recent collections. Following Zara, Aiman and Minal Khan are also adding printed shalwar kameez with printed dupattas due to increasing demand.

10. Organza Dupattas

Ansab Jahangir

The trend of the 90s, Organza Dupattas has also made a great comeback like never before. Pakistani designers are incorporating the trend in their collections that was considered the main attraction of many outfits. Hussain Rehar, a leading designer, is currently including beautifully printed organza dupattas in his collections. Many celebrities match plain organza dupattas with their outfits.

11. Medium Shirts with Cigarette Pants

Cross Stitch

 In Pakistan, cigarette pants are getting extremely popular. They have become the most blazing pattern for women’s clothes in Karachi. The women designers provide cigarette pants with lace and net combinations that are quite suitable for work. The trouser style looks sober and sophisticated and grabs the attention. 

Cigarette pants with medium shirts make up the perfect combo. They are trending nowadays for casual wear on Eid or different occasions. Cigarette Pants with medium shirts is a classy combination and the first choice of females interested in the latest trends. The demand for cigarette pants goes up in summer and all good stores are coming with this to fulfill the demand. It is time to say goodbye to old pants and welcome trendy cigarette trousers. 

A medium-length shirt is the first choice that pairs with cigarette pants. Many young ladies are keeping up with their fashion demands by buying pre-owned clothes. The Re-NYA concept has transformed the lives of many fashion enthusiasts.

Whether you are working from home or having a virtual celebration, the trendy, colorful, and relaxed outfits make you feel comfortable. Ethnic clothes from Indian sub-content hold a special place in the hearts of women around the world. The gorgeous South Asian clothes and intricate embroideries complement the vibrant colors and rich fabrics. At present, social media, fashion shows, and events, streetwear styles, and the youth culture are showcasing trends in fashion that keep evolving each day.

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