Welcome to the Re-FRESH Blog!

We have finally launched the Re-NYA website, to the world! It is an exciting time as we venture into a new challenge. We are the first all encompassing (branded and non branded) South Asian fashion resale website.

“As a consumer I really care about wastage and only purchase items (old and new) that I will keep with me for life” – Founder of Re-NYA

We want to inaugurate this launch day by answering three top questions.

Who created Re-NYA?

Fashion has always been in their DNA but over the years their interest in conscious fashion has grown and being self aware in the way they consume goods from day to day. As an individual they love art, music, tech and science, all these elements fuse to make them who they are today.

Why was Re-NYA created?

One afternoon on the couch with some friends, talking about  wedding dresses and what they were going to do with it? The conversation sparked the interest into understanding the resale in the south asian market. Through this research coupled with the idea of waste reduction in the fashion industry.

What does Re-NYA mean?

It is the combination of a prefix and a word. Re- is the prefix meaning once more; afresh; anew. NYA (Nea.yaa) is the hindi/urdu word for new (spelt in english). Merging both words you get Re-NYA  which we define as, to make new again.

Start your journey in resale on Re-NYA, BUY & SELL PRE-OWNED ASIAN FASHION. From fashion outfits to shoes, accessories and jewellery.

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