Seller Guide



Setting up your account

Click the ‘profile icon’ >  click ‘register’ > fill in the fields and click ‘register’ button.

You are now registered with Re-NYA. 

Before proceeding to add any products to the store, ensure your profile is setup (for the account and store) and connect to stripe.


Setting up your Re-NYA profile

Click the ‘profile icon’ >  this will take you to my account > click ‘Account details’ > check all mandatory fields are filled in this section.

This is your general account details and this is where you can edit your Re-NYA login details.

Go to my account click on ‘selling’ > this should take you to the seller dashboard home > click on circle ‘seller icon’ > this will take you to your seller (shop) profile > fill out the fields in the ‘personal’ and ‘address’ sections.

Please continue…

Click on ‘store’ (left side menu bar) > fill out the fields in the ‘store’, ‘location’, ‘Payment’, ‘Shipping’ and ‘store policies’.

In the ‘payment’ section > please click the button ‘connect with stripe’ this will take you to the stripe website, follow the instructions and fill out all the relevant information.

By connecting to stripe your payments will instantly be sent to your bank account. when your product is purchased.  All the above fields must be complete before you can start selling.

In the ‘shipping’ section > information on here will be used to calculate the shipping charges of your product during check out > therefore you must fill out all the following fields:-

  • Tick enable shipping
  • Processing time
  • Shipping type
  • Shipping rates by country
    • All products must be able to be shipped within the UK.
    • Fill out all the additional countries you want to ship to.
    • If you want to ship to all international locations (other than the UK), then just select the country ‘Everywhere else’
  • shipping information is essential as it automatically gets added during check out.
  • Fill all other fields as you see fit.

Congratulations! You are now all set up and ready to add your products to the website.


Adding a product

On the seller dashboard, click on ‘Products’ > select ‘Add new’ or click these icons or (to add a new product).

If you click this icon to add a product > follow the instructions and fill out all the fields.

If you click ‘add new’ or  click this icon to add a product > fill in the fields and scroll down and make sure you fill in the fields in ‘inventory’, ‘attributes’ and ‘product policies’ section.

When filling out the fields please note it is important to have (a high resolution) clear imagery, full description, and price of the product.


  • Imagery

This is the most important factor that determines a sale. All the images must be clear & detailed. It is recommend that you upload a minimum of three images.

1) The front of the product

2) The back of the product

3) The details of the product.

4) Bonus image: Wearing the product will help buyers understand how it sits on the body and make a better decision, which is more likely to lead to a purchase.


  • Description/Product details

Please describe the product with as much detail as possible…




Condition (wear and tear)

Information must be provided, to not surprise the buyer when they receive the goods. Customers have the right to return the product, if it is falsely advertised.


  • Pricing

You decide the price you want to sell your product at.

We advise the estimated resale value is 10% – 25% lower than the retail price (RP). However, the final resale price is applied on the condition of the garment.

So for example:

If you bought a dress for £200 and it is never worn, then the recommended resale price would be £180 (10% lower than the RP)

if you bought a dress for £200 and you have worn it a couple of times and it is still in good condition (without damages). The recommended resale price would be £150 (25% lower than the RP)

If there are some damages and marks on the outfit then the resale value will decrease. As mentioned previously, it is up to you to make the final decision on the resale price.

Finally, engage with your potential buyers and don’t shy away from offering a better price. This will ensure your product sells quicker.

You are ready to add your product to the shop!


Processing an order

Once an order has been placed, this will be visible in your orders section in the seller dashboard.

click ‘profile‘ icon >  click ‘selling’ from my account section > click ‘orders’ from the menu bar > on here you will see all the buyers that have bought your product.

As you go through processing your order, update the status of the order. Once the order has been shipped, add the shipping details to the ‘shipping tracking’ so that the buyers can track the parcel. Mark the order as complete.


Shipping the order

Please ensure you provide the buyer with the order tracking details. This is essential if any dispute is to arise in the future.